About Lindsey and Jeremy

When we first become pregnant, we were flooded with a whole host of emotions. Like many new parents we felt everything from excitement to anxiety. However, the one thing we both knew for sure was that we wanted our baby to enter this world healthy and we wanted to be happy with all the decisions we made to get our baby here. We were recommended the Bradley Method and decided that we would take the courses, not necessarily with the intentions of doing a natural birth, but we wanted to gather as much information as possible so that we could make informed decisions throughout our pregnancy and birth. We used those 12 weeks of classes as a way of furthering our bond as a married couple and team and the classes really gave us the tools to discuss and anticipate our babies arrival. Our son Gavin was born on August 15th, 2010. We ended up having a home birth, which we believe we would not have had the confidence to do if not for the tools and training during our Bradley Course. Jeremy was an active member of the labor, helping to remind me of the techniques we had been taught during our classes and being the best support person. We both entered our labor feeling confident, enthusiastic and ready to tackle any challenges that might arise. After sharing our story with many of our friends, a common theme was that they wished they had had the opportunity to learn more about the birthing process, tools to use during labor and that they had had the opportunity to really embrace their labor rather then being ‘forced’ into interventions without having the knowledge to make those decisions for themselves. It was at this point that Jeremy and I started to wonder why more people weren’t aware of the Bradley Method. We decided that we would do our training and bring this method to Airdrie and the surrounding community. Since then we have welcomed two more boys and a baby girl into the world. We strongly feel that regardless of where you are having our baby (hospital, birth center or home), that information is key and that with education everyone can make decisions that will best suit them and empower them to have the most wonderful births possible. Your baby deserves nothing but the best! Our goal is to teach each couple the importance of entering their birth as an educated, confident team and myself and Jeremy will be there every step of the way to help you achieve the birth that you and your baby want and deserve.

Lindsey and Jeremy